Bakeneto Jar Cakes – Count Memories, Not Calories

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November 29, 2021
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Bakeneto Jar Cakes – Count Memories, Not Calories

Cakes are a way to connect to friends and family. Whether you want to celebrate your promotion or your birthday party, cakes do not disappoint you. With innovative ideas always around the corner, pastry owners are all the time ready to introduce cakes and pastries to the clients with a twist. Jar cakes offer a creative way to indulge in sweet delights. There are certain benefits of online Jar Cakes over the regular ones. They can be stored for a longer time and can last for several months. Here are some Jar cakes that are often sought –

Almond honey Jar Cake :

This luscious jar cake uses crushed almonds and is enveloped with light cream and tasty honey.

Black Forest Jar Cake :

For all diet conscious people out there, Black forest Jar Cake is a tasty solution.

Strawberry-Kiwi Jar Cake :  

Enjoy the scrumptious Strawberry Jar cake. It is packed with delicious white cream, strawberry and Kiwi. 

Blueberry Delight Jar Cake:  

This  vanilla flavoured cake uses the icing of cream and uses blueberries along with white sponge.

Pineapple Jar Cake : 

This Jar cake is made using pineapple and offers a subtle solution to the craving.

Oreo Delight Jar Cake :

Enjoy Oreo in a cake. Topped with icing, Oreo Delight Jar Cake is popular amongst all Oreo lovers.

Butterscotch Jar Cake :

For vegans out there, this Jar cake is filled with butterscotch and caramelized sugar.

Choco Chip Jar Cake :

A dreamed of bake, combination of the fresh chocolate sponge and layered with chocolate truffle used with some dark chocolate dots, crunch.

With time, cakes have evolved in terms of texture, flavour and looks. Online cakes that come in a Jar are like small tokens of love that cannot be resisted. Give a perfect ending to your dinner by inculcating online Jar Cakes by Bakeneto in your meals. The method of preparing cakes in a jar makes it an adorable treat that can also be carried alongside. It is safer to carry cakes in a Jar as any breakage due to travel can be avoided. You can eat it at any time, while working or while relaxing. Since these cakes come in transparent jars, they appeal to the eye and are tempting. Jar cakes can further be modified with laces and ribbons and be given as gifts.

Jar cakes can easily be stored and kept for future use. Also, it is hard to imagine that cakes could get better with time but with online Jar Cakes delivery in Noida by Bakeneto, expect the unusual. These cakes accumulate moisture while stored and taste better after a couple of days. Buy Jar cakes by Bakeneto and explore other options.

Bakeneto is a leading online bakery shop in Noida and Ghaziabad renowned for offering 100% egg-less bakery products like Cakes, Pastries, Cupcakes, Jar Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Brownies and Dry Cakes. We also offer our own branded Chocolate named Choconeto. With our quality and consistency, we have established ourselves as the most sought after bakery for online cake delivery in Indirapuram as well.

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